The Ultimate Drills Library That Includes Age-Specific Children's Drills, Teen Drills, Adult Drills, Team Drills, and MORE!

Get ready to captivate your classes like never before!

Whether you’re tired of spending hours creating drills... or you have no idea of where to start... Drills-for-SKILLZ gives you everything you need, right from your computer or tablet.

These are not just quick "one-paragraph" explanation drills, nor are they random universal drills for all ages. We specialize in developing comprehensive drills that generate results! Your instructors will LOVE seeing the results in their students!

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Drills-for-SKILLZ is not your average drills library!

Below is a list of the powerful features Drills-for-SKILLZ has to offer:

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  • Age-Specific Drills for Children ages 3 to 14.

    Never spend time trying to create new drills that work in your children's classes.

    With Drills-for-SKILLZ you are supplied tried and tested age-specific drills that generate results!

  • Teen Drills

    We know what teens like to learn, and we also know how they like to train!

    We have a section completely dedicated to the "cool" parts of martial arts, including specialty weapons, kicks and acrobats, and more!

  • Adult Drills

    We didn't want to limit our members to just drills for kids and teens. We've rounded up some of the best adult instructors to supply effective adult training drills utilizing our special SKILLZ structure!

  • Specialty Drills for High Ranks and Black Belts

    Retain your high ranks and black belts longer!

    We provide comprehensive drills for a variety of subjects that black belts love, such as weapons drills, board breaking drills, sparring drills, and MORE!

  • Team Drills

    Keep your leadership, demo, and competition team classes fresh and exciting with this collection of drills that take your teams to the next level!

  • Fun Drills

    Take your camps, birthday parties, and ninja nights to a whole new level with drills that will have them begging for MORE!


Why Drills-For-SKILLZ

Hello, My name is Melody Shuman, and I want to welcome you to Drills-For-SKILLZ.

I've been on the forefront of innovating the way we teach martial arts for decades.

I've personally spent the last two decades creating drills based in the science and psychology of how children learn...drills that students love. I've also spent my time learning how to deliver that content in a manner that school owners and instructors can understand and deliver successfully. Along the way, I've built a team of experts that are highly trained in drill delivery and development.

Drill selection can make or break a class. Instead of spending hours creating drills that are both appropriate for the students in front of you AND the curriculum you're trying to teach, all you have to do is find your favorite drill, then plug and play!

Our drills are designed to be fun, fresh and exciting for both students & instructors! With an ever-growing library of drills for all ages and styles, no two classes will ever be the same again!

With Drills-For-SKILLZ the results speak for themselves

Our drills are not band-aids for classes that need stitches. What you get with Drills-For-SKILLZ are quality drills, each designed with a specific purpose and a focused, measureable outcome.

When it comes down to it: You can't get more for less.


So, instead of trying to sell you on how large our drills collection is, or how affordable our drills are, I'd rather focus on why our drills work.

    For starters:

We use a special formula for creating each of our drills. This formula is the key to ensure that our drills generate MAXIMUM results. Each drill has to be that comprehensive.


We test, re-test, and then test again, before our drills make it to the next step. The best drills are not "one-hit-wonders". We know that there's a lot more to learn as these drills are taught to an actual class. We go back to the drawing board if the drill doesn't fit with our Seven Step Method™


We make sure each drill passes the "five-star rating" test. We want each and every drill to be one that students love to do and instructors love to teach. If the students and instructors aren't raving fans of the drill, then we go back to the drawing board again.

Not only that - you can always access every drill right from your computer or tablet, so take your time exploring our website.

And if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to my team and me. We're here to help.


Frequently asked questions

How long is the membership and can I quit at any time?

Drills-for-SKILLZ is a month-to-month membership and you can cancel at any time.

I am [insert style here]. Can I still use these drills?

Yes. These drills were designed to develop skills appropriate to the topic at hand. Use these drills to increase your students’ skills, and then integrate your specific style once their neurotransmitters are firing at high levels from our highly effective drills!

I've purchased your drills manuals in the past, are these drills the same?

Our library includes the very best drills that we’ve provided in both our hardcopy and digital manuals, as well as new drills – PLUS – we have video tutorials that add an extra level of support for both new and veteran instructors.

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